Fonderies de Brousseval et Montreuil

About Us

Established in 1830, Fonderies de Brousseval et Montreuil is a family-owned business, which ranks nowadays amongst the leading independent foundries in France, as a real benchmark in the development and manufacture of technical cast iron components. FBM is relentlessly modernizing its production capabilities to not only remain competitive and respond to ever higher quality demands, but also to offer components with high technical content, often operating in very harsh environments.

In striving to cater to clients' needs as comprehensively as possible, FBM provides far more than simply components, offering a full range of services from machining to painting, surface treatment and complete functional assembly. On top of these comprehensive services, FBM's foundry experts can offer clients not only on-site technical training, but also provide co-engineering and co-design support, allowing them to work right from an early design stage, to create technically and economically optimized solutions.

Our teams at Brousseval and Montreuil Foundries look forward to putting their extensive expertise at your disposal and working alongside you on your projects.