At Fonderies de Brousseval et Montreuil, we are able to offer a wide range of iron grades, with mechanical characteristics approaching those of some steels. For over 20 years FBM has been developing and producing components able to withstand high stresses or operate under very harsh conditions.

As these technical melts remain little-known amongst most engineering departments, FBM offer a co-design service, supported by engineers with solid foundry expertise, capable to work with clients all through the various design stages.


In addition to this service, our engineers can also propose to the clients dedicated trainings related to cast iron design and metallurgy. Such a training is free of charge and can be requested via our website or through the direct sales contacts.

Several examples of our achievements, including conversion of parts from steel-welded to cast iron, or the complete design development process, starting from a brief of functional requirements, are shown below.

Let us know what your project needs and our technical teams will be delighted to help you with development and implementation.


Example 1 : Product redesign


Example 2 : Conversion redesign


Example 3 : Coupling bracket redesign


Example 4 : Design creation from functional specification