SOMBORN LANG FERRY is a family-owned group, employing almost 800 staff, specialising in the production of technical cast iron components and the manufacture of products for water supply and drainage, sanitation and telecommunications pit-access covers.

The group focuses on 3 main activities :

  • – Cast Iron Foundry : employing 600 staff comprising FBM, Fonderie GHM and Fonderies et Ateliers Salins
  • – Water and Sanitation : wholesale and marketing  of products through SOVAL and SOVAL Export with 16 offices in total
  • – Mechanical engineering : SLF, with 2 metal workshop production sites

One of the group’s great strengths is the interaction between these companies, in particular that between FBM and SOVAL and between SLF and SOVAL. Almost all castings sold by SOVAL are produced by FBM, and 100% of steel frames sold by SOVAL are produced by SLF. Production for SOVAL represents on average 40% of FBM’s annual production.