Established almost 2 centuries ago, Fonderies de Brousseval and Montreuil – FBM – is a global leader amongst cast iron foundries. With our wealth of experience and exceptional workforce, this family-owned foundry has more than kept up with the market and remains one of the largest independent foundries in Europe. For many decades FBM have been managed by a family that is passionate about both industry and our region and is strongly committed to creating jobs in their area. Nowadays the 3rd generation of the family continues to have the motivation and drive to keep this magnificent foundry a market leader, borne out by the annual investment of some 2 million euros injected entirely into production, safety and environment.

1830 : The company HAUTS FOURNEAUX and the FONDERIE DE BROUSSEVAL is established by the FESTUGIÈRE brothersFonderies de Brousseval et Montreuil - FBM

1928 : The company is taken over by the LANG-FERRY family, Mr. André LANG heading-up the company for half a century

1884 : FBM manufactures the first Dusctile Cast Iron (GJS)

1995 : Mr Jean LANG succeeds his father to become Group CEO

1998 : Manufacture of rail equipment for rolling stock. Commissioning of the DISAMATIC 2013 Automatic Vertical Moulding Machine

2000 : First parts in cast iron GJS400-18 LT to -20°C. Commissioning of the first 6-axis deburring robot

2004 / 2005 : New SAVELLI automatic moulding line. First parts in cast iron GJS400-18LT (-40°C)historique-fbm-actuel

2008 : Installation of two new 16 tonnes electric medium-frequency furnaces. Incorporation of MAUS twin-pallet automatic deburring centre

2009 / 2011 : Various other metallurgical developments and mass production of mechanical components in GJS400-18 LT to -50°C, ADI cast iron and GJS500-14 and GJS600-10 SSF cast iron.

2013 : Two new medium-frequency 8 tonnes electrical furnaces complement existing melting capacity

2016 : Mrs Marie-Marguerite LANG succeeds her father to become Group CEO

FBM, a foundry owned since 1928 by a passionate manufacturing family, has evolved continually and through subsequent investments has been able to take a prominent position amongst European foundries.