Railway rolling stock

“Certified Supplier” by ALSTOM TRANSPORT for more than 20 years, FBM is one of the major global foundries in rolling stock components. Capable of supplying highly technical structural parts, from few samples up to mass production, FBM currently delivers the majority of a bogie’s components, including: frame, beam, housing body, casing, brake disc, boom, under guard, motor housing, flange, support and more.

Accurate controls over its manufacturing processes allow FBM to produce high quality cast iron structural parts, the majority of which are adapted for use in areas with particularly harsh climatic conditions, with GJS400-18 LT parts certified for operation down to -50°C.

For heavy duty applications, FBM has designed and is producing Solution Strengthened Ferritic cast iron parts (e.g.GJS600-10) which can replace certain steels in many applications.

FBM also offers comprehensive supplies with machined parts, sub-assemblies and related components for delivery of ready-to-assemble kits.