Finishing is an essential step in the process. In addition to manual techniques, FBM employs leading-edge machinery to enhance quality and productivity, but also to facilitate the work of its personnel. Automation of finishing operations is a key objective for FBM and the possibilities currently available allow a wide variety of components to be processed.

Wide range of shot-blasting facilities

FBM has a large number of shot-blasting equipment and is able to process items ranging from a few hundred grams up to 9 tonnes.


This process step is essential to the finishing of our components, but is also a pretty painful task to perform manually. FBM is committed to its personnel health and safety and has invested in different automatic systems which make the task easier and also improve both the quality and repeatability of serial parts.

It’s worth mentioning that a specific project is ongoing at FBM aimed at assessing the health and safety risks for the employees at each workstation. A deburring cell has now been set-up in order to test different solutions aimed at easing the workload of deburring personnel, but above all at protecting their health. Going forward 3 complete cells will be installed.

Alongside these manual workstations, our automatic systems handle several thousand tonnes of castings annually :

  • MAUS Deburring Centre : a twin-pallet deburring centre fitted with grinders and tools set-up to work for mass production.


  • Robotic deburring unit (6 axes KUKA robot): magnetic grip with camera control and automated path programming.
  • Robotic deburring unit (6 axis robot): mechanical or magnetic grip, with vision control and automated path programming. Investment made in 2016 to enhance the range of automatic deburring.
Robotic unit being installed