Melting & metallurgy


FBM has melting capacity exceeding 50,000 tonnes a year. All the cast iron produced by FBM is from the latest generation of electrical furnaces, with accurate controls all along the melting process, to guarantee high quality products.

FBM’s melting department comprises:

  • – 2 medium-frequency 16 tonne induction furnaces (installed in 2008)
  • – 2 medium-frequency 8 tonne induction furnaces (installed in 2014)
  • – 2 low-frequency 12 tonne induction furnaces
  • – 2 low-frequency 5 tonne induction furnaces

These furnaces allow FBM sufficient melting capacity to guarantee continuity of production in the event of a major problem on a furnace, removing the risk of delivery disruption for clients.


In order to produce high-quality cast irons FBM is selecting and procuring raw materials based on precise and demanding technical specifications. Raw materials are going through very strict incoming inspection at our site: spectrographic control of steel scrap, thorough control of material certifications for high-purity new irons…

Through this first level of control FBM ensures that all material used is of the highest quality which results in the highest quality of the melt as well.

New scrap is sourced primarily from metal stamping and is delivered to us either loose or packaged. This scrap is controlled in accordance with a certified chemical composition and checked based on NFA 08–821 Standard

High-purity new cast iron is also controlled and checked in accordance with a certified chemical composition.

Recycled internal cast irons are classified according to their composition.

FBM manufactures around 90% of ductile iron (SG iron) and 10% in grey iron (GJL). FBM produces a wide spread of grades, ranging from the most standard one to the most demanding; for example, low-temperature cast iron (GJS400-18 LT to -50°C), Solution Strengthened Ferritic SSF (GJS450-18, GJS500-14, GJS600-10), ADI…

As of today about 20% of FBM production is ferritic cast iron and the whole production is according to the current standards EN1561, EN1563, EN1564.

Heat treatment

Some technical components or certain grades of cast iron require heat treatment and FBM has 4 heat treatment furnaces on the production site.

Different heat treatments can be performed :

  • -Dimensional stabilisation and stress relief
  • -Ferritisation annealing
  • -Matrix perlitisation: treatment at >730°C followed by quenching

Download our PDF on cast iron grades

Magnesium treatmentcabine-traitement-magnesium

An essential step in the production of ductile cast irons is magnesium treatment. FBM has 2 automated cored wire treatment cabins. This process allows close control of the quantity of magnesium introduced, directly influencing the treatment quality, hence the quality of cast irons.

As this is a short-lived treatment, the two cabins are located as close as possible to the production lines to optimise the active period of the treatment and ensure a high quality level.