In order to provide clients with a complete service FBM has several painting/coating lines.

  • Water-soluble painting line : black paint only, components loaded into a metal basket.
  • Solvent-based painting line : several colours available, components loaded on a hanger.
  • Spray painting line : paint colour as specified by client. FBM on the whole uses primer paints to protect pieces prior to machining and before application of the finishing coat.
  • Food-grade epoxy-powder coating line: this line is dedicated to products used in water supply. Food-grade blue paint only.

NB: For more specific requirements or coatings FBM is able to sub-contract. FBM regularly audits its partners in order to ensure that client requirements and delivery schedules are being adhered to.

Where a client specifies that a particular provider be used, FBM will undertake a prior audit in order to validate their capabilities and ensure that this part of the production run is properly performed.