Production engineering

Production of cast components requires particular expertise and our Production Engineering Department is one of the strategic pillars of the company.

FBM has several kinds of moulding lines, each with its own related expert who heads-up the engineering activities of our components in production. We actually have experts in all 3 production processes at FBM : hand-moulding, vertical moulding and horizontal moulding.

These skills are complemented by leading-edge software allowing us to run both moulding and solidification simulations, in order to identify the critical areas and provide appropriate solutions prior to the tooling construction. This simulation software combined with our foundry expertise allow us to attain a right-first-time rate of more than 95%.

The diversity of our software enable us to accept and process different formats of data files and guarantee a fast and secure data exchange. We can equally perform mechanical stress analysis, allowing the most demanding specifications to be met.

FBM can also precisely adjust the tooling to your requirements in order to provide optimum quality, price and product lifespan.

Accordingly, we can offer various tooling types: polystyrene, wood, aluminium, bronze or steel. All our new tooling is produced in liaison with our modeling partners, whether in France or abroad, in order to offer the most competitive pricing for the level of complexity required.