Our drive for precision is underscored by the numerous international standards we’ve obtained, including ISO 9001 certification since April 1999.

FBM is recognised and certified by companies in the railway infrastructure sector including SNCF, ALSTOM, DEUTSCHE BAHN, INFRABEL, SCHWIHAG and VOSSLOH, demonstrating the conformance of our rigorous quality systems with these standards.

FBM supplies the industry’s leading companies, as well as manufacturers and installers such as EIFFAGE RAIL, COLAS RAIL, ETF…

FBM has considerable experience in the rolling stock sector and is one of Alstom Transport’s major suppliers, with a leading position in cast iron safety components. Development with leading global manufacturers is ongoing.

FBM is also fully certified in the street furniture sector and independently self-certifies its products. Approved by TÜV for products covered by standards EN124 and EN545, FBM supplies quality products conforming to the European standards in force.

In the French market FBM is NF certified in no less than 164 products.

FBM’s organisation means we can also handle the certification of your foundry products.


To ensure that we provide our clients with technical components that conform to the necessary requirements, FBM uses qualified engineers certified to COFFREND II to undertake all our testing. Audits are performed in accordance with the applicable specifications. In order to optimise flow and remain independent, FBM performs all non-destructive and destructive testing on its production site :

  • – Spectrography
  • – Micrography
  • – Hardness (in accordance with standard ISO 6506)
  • – Resilience (in accordance with standard ISO 148-1)
  • – Tensile (in accordance with standard ISO 6892-1)
  • – Flexion
  • – Ultrasonic (in accordance with standard ISO 583 and ISO 12680-3)
  • – Dye-penetrant inspection (in accordance with standard ISO 1371)
  • – Magnetic particle inspection (in accordance with standards EN 9934, EN 1369 and NFF 00 090 (rail))
  • – Radioscopy
  • – 3D inspection: FaroArm + 3D digital testing rig

In order to complete the testing and to respond to clients’ requirements, FBM will on occasion sub-contract the following services:

  • – Radiographic examination: carried out with partners such as CRITT, and others.
  • – 3D scanning